Medical Tourism Jordan
Medical Tourism Jordan
Medical Tourism Jordan
Medical Tourism Jordan
Medical Tourism Jordan
Medical Tourism Jordan
Medical Tourism Jordan
Medical Tourism Jordan
Medical Tourism Jordan
Medical Tourism Jordan
Medical Tourism Jordan
Medical Tourism Jordan
Medical Tourism Jordan
Medical Tourism Jordan
Medical Tourism Jordan
Medical Tourism Jordan
Medical Tourism Jordan
Medical Tourism Jordan
Medical Tourism Jordan
Medical Tourism Jordan
Medical Tourism Jordan
Medical Tourism Jordan
Medical Tourism Jordan




Our concierge service ensures that all your needs are met from specific foods or drinks to children activities, shopping, or anything else you might require while visiting for treatment.


You can make the most out of your medical travel abroad through our excursions including Dead Sea spa retreats, historic site visits, day tours, and many other fun activities.



Connecting you with the best needed care from our professional database of doctors and hospitals in all medical fields.



We can sort your airport pickup, hotel accomodations and all other travel arrangements at your convenience. We also provide information with regards to visa requirements and airport regulations.


Receiving medical care abroad has never been easier. Our team of professionals get you connected with the best doctors and hospitals for consultations and treatment procedures.

We ensure that your visit abroad for treatment is tailored to your specific needs. We facilitate open channels of communication between patient and doctor for assessment and diagnosis. 

We also provide you with doctor and hospital price estimates for your medical procedure and treatment.

Our local knowledge and experience with doctors and hospitals will get you the best treatment possible at the best price.


You don’t need to worry or postpone anymore due to the heavy financial burden of hospitals and doctors, long waiting times or due to not having the needed care at home. Our state of the art hospitals and medical staff will provide you with the medical treatment you deserve without the financial burden and worry. You can now rest at ease knowing your quality of life will improve with your medical retreat abroad.


We provide you will all required services in relation to your medical retreat as well. This includes airport transfers, hotel accommodations, visa information or any other service to make your stay as comfortable as possible. You can now focus on your treatment while we focus on everything else.

Our team will help make you feel at home!


Jordan has always enjoyed close ties with both US and European countries' governments and people. With a leadership that promotes modernization and free trade, Jordan has enjoyed vast developments in the medical field with accreditation from the most renowned organizations in the field of medicine, including the Medical Tourism Association, Lahey Hospital and Medical Center, JCIA and HCAC.

Jordan has been developing in all fields including hospitality, with hotels and resorts spanning all corners of the country. With brand name hotels such as the Four Seasons, Sheraton, Marriott, and other, visitors can choose from a wide range of accommodations from 6-star resorts to comfortable bed and breakfast motels, all catering to the visitors needs. These wide range of hotels are centrally located and within a 5-10 minute taxi ride to the major hospitals and medical facilities in Jordan’s main city and capital, Amman.

Jordan also has aimed tirelessly at providing visitors with the comfort of security, and its people praise themselves on their hospitality to help make tourists feel at home.

Jordan’s newly built airport (Queen Alia International Airport) also ensures safe and comfortable travel with all major airlines flying into its capital Amman from all around the world.

Medical facilities are all concentrated in its capital city of Amman, making it easy to move around, with hospitals and doctors all in close proximity to each other. This ensures that the visitor can get all the necessary treatments within a 5-10 minute car ride between the different medical facilities and doctors.

Most hospitals in Jordan have international accreditations such as the Joint Commission International (ICI). Hospitals also have outstanding capabilities for medical services in terms of diagnosis of illnesses through analysis of patient’s medical data. The Jordanian government through its medical board also closely monitors both private and public hospitals to make sure they adhere to international standards and do not have any unsafe practices. 

Jordan’s support of free trade has also allowed the pharmaceutical sector to develop and to be among the global leaders where there is never a lack of supply of medicine or medical related supplies.  The government also has strict guidelines and policies to ensure that medicine entering the Jordanian markets adhere to all global standards and do not allow the presence of counterfeit or poor quality medicines.  

Jordan has many tourist destinations as well, such as Petra, Dead Sea, Wadi Rum and Aqaba all of which will make the visitor health retreat as pleasurable as possible. Our Dead Sea resorts and spas have excelled in their field as well, providing Spa retreats on the shores of the Dead Sea.

Jordan has a total of 103 hospitals and thousands of doctors in all medical fields, ensuring that the countries covers all of the medical tourists needs with regards to treatment of any kind. According to the Medical Tourism Association, many of Jordan hospitals provide access to the best and brightest physicians, nurses and technicians. In addition, hospitals understand the importance of high-quality consumer service, with the employees of many hospitals being trained in international hospitality standards.

People in Jordan and especially doctors and medical staff are fluent in the English language, since most have obtained their medical education and specialties through universities in the USA and the UK. Visitors will not have any issue communicating their concerns or medical needs to doctors or hospital staff throughout their stay or after care as needed.

Jordan offers a wide array of restaurants, offering food from all around the world. Whatever food the visitor desires from fine dining (P.F. Changs, Bennihanas,etc.. ) to fast food choices (McDonalds, KFC, Papa Johns, etc..) to local tastes of the Jordanian cuisine, the country has it all, with most offering delivery services for the visitors convenience.

Alcohol is also available readily in Jordan, with liquor stores around every corner offering all alcoholic beverages available worldwide from Budweiser Beer, Johnny Walker Whiskey, vodkas, local Jordanian made wines and the local favorite Araq. The consumption of alcohol is legal throughout the country and in all establishments that offer it.

Medical Tourism Jordan

Large scale supermarkets such as Safeway, Carrefour, etc.. are readily available in convenient locations offering consumer items from all around the world ensuring that the visitor finds any item he or she are looking for while in Jordan.


Shopping Malls have also spread throughout the capital Amman, offering visitors pleasant shopping and dining experiences with stores such as Zara, Mango, Pull and Bear, H&M, etc. and other food outlets such as Starbucks, Apple Bees, Fuddruckers, etc.


Jordan’s modernized infrastructure of roads, power grids, telecommunications also ensures that the visitor enjoys all of these amenities while staying connected to friends and loves ones back home with free Wi-Fi connections in mostly all establishments. Visitor mobile telephone local SIM cards are also available in most supermarkets to stay connected. Local SIM cards which work with any iPhone or Samsung device cost around 30 USD depending on the internet package. Visitors can easily keep their social media accounts online (facebook, instagram, twitter, etc..) without any hassles.  


Jordan offers its visitors with nationalities from the USA, Canada and EU countries visas upon arrival at the airport. The cost of one entry visa for all nationalities is approximately $30 USD making it easy and convenient to travel to Jordan.


Jordan, especially its major capital city Amman, offers year-round sunshine and comfortable weather. The city is sunny and cloudless from May to October, with average temperatures around 73 F. July and August are hot and dry but usually tempered by cool breezes and low humidity. April, May and September and October offer mild temperatures and even somewhat cool in the evenings. Winter usually runs from December to the end of March, during this time temperatures can get quite cool, however it rarely snows with on and off rain during the winter months.  

Key Facts according to the Medical Tourism Association:
Jordan’s density of physicians (26 per 10,000) is higher than any other country in the region and rivals that of the United States.

At 32 nurses per 10,000, Jordan’s density is comparable to Thailand (34 nurses per 10,000 population), which is one of the leading countries in the field.
Jordan’s density of pharmacists at 14 per 10,000 population places the country among the global leaders such as Japan (19 per 10,000) and Finland (16 per 10,000).

Medical Laboratories in Jordan are also among the best in the world and are conveniently located through the capital Amman, making it easy for visitors to attend to their medical needs.

Jordan also enjoys religious freedom with churches from different denominations and mosques side by side scattered all over the country. The Baptism Holy Site where Jesus was baptized in the river Jordan is also a must visit destination with churches from all over the world.

Most if not all countries have embassies or consulates in Jordan, including the USA, the UK and all EU countries with the USA having the biggest embassy and presence in the region. The USA also has programs in Jordan through USAID to promote medical tourism in Jordan.

Jordan has a proud number of trustworthy doctors and physicians who have proven again and again to keep up with the advances in modern medicine and to be the best in the region and the world. It is a country where the development in the medical field does not stop, with new hospitals and facilities constantly improving and developing year after year.

Visitor can enjoy the comforts the hospitals provide while performing their medical procedures at a fraction of the cost in the US and most European countries. The quality of services provided by these hospitals are second to none, not only to the region but to the world as well.

Jordan’s government and its people strive to make the visitors experience as pleasant as possible with a heartfelt welcome and a trustworthy medical sector proving to be among the best in the world at a fraction of the cost.



Welcome to Jordan, welcome to your health!

Edma Salamon

“Very helpfull staff and knowledgeable and professional doctors and hospitals.”

“We had a wonderful experience would recommend to anyone. Medical team and equipment as good as the US.”

Kate Ryobova

“5 stars service in a beautiful and well equipped country with international medical standards ”

Rachel Oconer



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Medical Tourism Jordan
Medical Tourism Jordan
Medical Tourism Jordan
F.M.C. Hospital

F.M.C. Hospital and Medical Campus is on the cutting edge of medical procedures and technology with the finest doctors and staff.

KHMC Hospital

KHMC Medical Center is one of the leading heart and comprehensive specialty hospitals

in Jordan. A Lahey Hospital affiliate with the highest standards of affordable medical care.

Cancer Foundation

The King Hussein Cancer Center treats both adult and pediatric patients. KHCC treats over 3500 new patients every year from Jordan and the region.